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NEWS from the LAIR (...LIAR?):

[one] fall has fallen. crunchy leaves + pumpkin pie.
sweet, sweet potatoes. smiles all over.

[two] hopefully, things will pick up here again.
apologies for apathy.
the lion is now armed with a new box of caryons + a vengence.

xo, the lion
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the latest drawings:

let's try the theory approach first
october 27th 2002

i've wished upon a star so many times, it's starting to fade
october 26th 2002

singing songs to the ocean
october 14th 2002

this will only hurt forever
october 8th 2002

i wish he would stop touching that thing
august 25th 2002

in his time, he makes everything beautiful
august 8th 2002

the opposite of pathetic fallacy
august 7th 2002

if i was that much taller...
august 3rd 2002

if i don't stop falling i will hit the pavement
july 28th 2002

she took my heart to newfoundland
july 27th 2002

i bet the out-of-towners appreciate it
july 16th 2002

just improvising my way through life
july 15th 2002

it is something you can do by yourself
july 13th 2002

if i close my eyes will it disappear
july 12th 2002

feeding my insecurities
july 10th 2002

above the heaven, let me bathe in space where no one lies
july 1st 2002

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